These information only concern people who attended the conference.


In relation to the publication of the ICHOLS 14 proceedings, the organising committee has reached the following decisions :

- in order to maintain the coherence of the thematic workshops, articles based on papers given in workshops will be published in independent venues (including thematic journal issues). We suggest that workshop organisers include the following details in their introduction to such issues :


“This publication results from papers presented in the X workshop organised by Y at the 14th International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences, ICHOLS 14, 28/8 – 1/9/2017), hosted in Paris by the History of Linguistic Theories laboratory and the Society for the History and Epistemology of the Language Sciences, with the support of Paris Diderot and Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle Universities, the CNRS and the EFL LabEx.”


- a selection of articles resulting from papers given outside workshops will be distributed over two publication venues: a volume published by John Benjamins (between 15 and 20 articles, with 50% of the texts to be in English) and a volume published by Nodus Publikationen (around 40 articles).


If you wish to submit your article for one of the two volumes (Benjamins/Nodus Publikationen), we ask you to :

- follow the style sheet

- limit your article to 35 000 characters (including spaces, notes and bibliography)  - write your article in one of the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (if you are not writing in your native language, please have your text checked by a native speaker) and include an abstract in English

- send your article (in .doc ou .docx format), no later than April 15 2018, to ichols14@sciencesconf.org

Your article will be assessed by two referees. You will receive a notification on July 1 2018. If your article is accepted, we will indicate which volume it will be published in, as well as details on the preparation of the manuscript. If your article needs changes, you will have until the first of October to send us the final version.

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